This is the occasionally-sleazy, perpetually-odd tumblr home of GlitterGuts Photography, a collective of globe-trotting weirdo photographers who specialize in setting up live photobooths at events!

We shoot a wide definition of parties that covers everything from weddings to raves to hootenannies to basement grindcore throwdowns. We are for hire. We've been doing this for over five years and no one can serve your event better.

If you're having fun, and would like us to be a part of it, hit us up. We're based out of Chicago but love to travel!

2nd May 2013

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This time 3 years ago: drag queens, body paint, pillow fights and sssnakes!

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3rd July 2012

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This time two years ago: we fill Le Passage with drag queens, models, drag queen models, and glitter

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